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Jun 9, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENTS: INFOSEC CAMPOUT TICKETS ARE STILL ON SALE. Go to for Eventbrite link and more information.



Part 2 of our Discussion with Chris Sanders (@chrissanders88)

Topics discussed:

Companies dropping existing frameworks for ATT&CK Matrix, why?

Rural Technology Fund - What it is,...

Jun 4, 2019


I’ve argued for some time that information security is in a growing state of cognitive crisis…


Demand outweighs supply

Because so many organizations need experience, they are unable to appropriately invest in entry-level jobs and devote the necessary time...

May 29, 2019

Bryan got phished (almost) - story time!


Through OpenDNS

Available January 2017, Umbrella filters newly seen or created domains. By using new domains to...

May 20, 2019